What Tasks Can Swimming Pool Owners Expect From Technicians Working on Contract?

Summer is a busy time of year for a Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service in Michigan, where the outdoor swimming season is relatively short and people want to squeeze out every moment of fun that they can. Customers typically want to open their pools sometime in May and wrap everything up sometime in October.

When an individual or a business hires this type of service, what tasks can they expect to have completed? How often does a pool technician complete work for the customer? It all depends on the contract that customers sign, in which duties and the schedule is detailed.

Types of Service Contracts

Some customers want weekly attention for pool cleaning service to the pool so they can avoid doing any of the work except for that which is immediately necessary, like raking small branches and leaves off the surface after a windstorm. Others do most of their own maintenance but like a professional to stop in every four weeks. There's also the option to have a technician arrive the day after heavy rain, since that typically knocks the chemical levels off balance unless the pool is covered.

Specific Tasks

Swimming pool workers from a company like BENchmark Pool Services test the water for levels of sanitizing chemicals, then add chemicals as necessary to optimize results and keep the water safe for everyone who spends time there. They rake debris from the water, using a telescopic pole when needed. They clean the filtration units and perform leak detection when they notice that water levels are lower than would be expected. Leaks can develop in the pool walls or floor, or in the equipment.

Technicians also inspect and repair all equipment that is not working properly, such as the heating, filtration and circulation pump systems. Some pools have features that are straightforward and common, while large pools are likely to have more elaborate equipment. Some have a waterfall, underwater lighting and automatic chemical application systems. If the pool has accessories like a diving board or a slide, technicians make sure those features are stable and safe.

Why Hire a Professional?

A pool cleaner service works on a variety of property types throughout the warm weather months. Single-family and multi-family residences, along with hotels and motels, tend to make up the majority of clients. Owners of the swimming pools may not want to take the time to do the work themselves or they may be worried they won't be as effective as a professional worker with training and experience.